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Toothpaste a guide..

A quick guide to toothpaste… Sensitive teeth? If you have sensitivity, it can be down to a number of things, gum recession or where your enamel has worn. Some people can manage their sensitivity without the need for specialist toothpaste but some patients can get sensitivity so badly that it can be mistaken for toothache. Our dentists recommend Sensodyne Complete Protection which has...

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Teeth Whitening & Offer!

Teeth are something we all notice from the get go, our eyes are automatically drawn to the mouth, especially when engaged in conversations & if your feeling conscious of your smile social situations can be stressful. If your concerned about the colour of your teeth it is something that can be altered from the comfort of your own home. But...

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Pearly Whites Offer

So as a dental practice we know how important your pearly whites are & we thought to get you ready for the up & coming party season, we would treat our patients to a seasonal discount on our cosmetic whitening. So instead of £370 for both upper & lower bleaching it will be £275!!! This offer will only last up until...

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