Patient Testimonials

We always find it very encouraging and helpful to read our patient reviews each month. It’s so lovely to see such positive feedback. Thank you to our wonderful patients. “Vanessa was excellent, very patient and explained things clearly to my daughter, very helpful” “All the staff are friendly, informative, confident and knowledgeable! Beautiful surroundings” “Relaxing waiting area. I am always...

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Invisalign Diaries

We have another exciting Invisalign Journey to share with you! After 12 months of wearing her clear Invisalign Retainers, Jax our Practice Manager, has now completed her Invisalign Journey and is thoroughly pleased with her results. She described previously disliking how her upper front teeth crossed over and found that it got worse with age. She decided to try Invisalign and within...

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Invisalign Journey

We are very pleased to present you an Invisalign journey of one of our own patients. As you can see from our photos, her results have been amazing and she has kindly written about her experience with us. “I had been unhappy with my teeth for some time. Seeing photos of my smile and crooked front teeth were particularly difficult...

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