Invisalign Diaries

We have another exciting Invisalign Journey to share with you!
After 12 months of wearing her clear Invisalign Retainers, Jax our Practice Manager, has now completed her Invisalign Journey and is thoroughly pleased with her results.

She described previously disliking how her upper front teeth crossed over and found that it got worse with age. She decided to try Invisalign and within the first month started to see results! Her new aligners were a comfortable and snug fit and Invisalign easily fitted in with her every day life. There was a little tenderness when putting a new aligner in however, within 24 hours this was resolved. They were easy to clean; all that was required was to leave them to soak in a solution whilst she was eating her breakfast!

Jax told us the wonderful thing about Invisalign is that you don’t have to restrict what types of foods or drinks you have as they are removable. The aligners were straight forward to take in and out and it also meant she could keep her usual oral health regime. Invisalign allowed Jax to remove the aligners so she was still able to effectively brush her teeth and care for her gums, a problem that can be faced with alternative orthodontic treatment.

We think you will agree her results are amazing!

Before Invisalign                                                                                         After Invisalign


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