Pearly Whites Offer

So as a dental practice we know how important your pearly whites are & we thought to get you ready for the up & coming party season, we would treat our patients to a seasonal discount on our cosmetic whitening. So instead of £370 for both upper & lower bleaching it will be £275!!!

This offer will only last up until the end of December, just in time for those Christmas parties so be sure to call our reception and reserve your appointment in good time!! And if your feeling generous you could put a pearly white smile on someones face, with one of our teeth whitening vouchers.

The only clause with our teeth whitening is that you must have had your up-to date check-up before we get started as bleaching on un-healthy teeth can cause more harm than good.

The in’s & outs of bleaching – basically the whitening gel we provide produces H2 & O2 which interact with the pigment molecules in your teeth producing a whitening effect. Don’t worry it won’t be so drastic that people will think your the next Simon Cowell!!! It’s a gradual whitening process so you can stop when you reach your desired shade, once you’ve got to the shade you desire you then do it less frequently just to keep the shade up.

If you worried don’t be! Accumulated data indicate no long term health risks associated with professional at-home tooth bleaching, using our bleach appropriately tooth bleaching is safe & effective. If you have any queries or would like to have your check-up call our reception or email us & we will help put a gleaming smile on your face.

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