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Pearly Whites Offer

So as a dental practice we know how important your pearly whites are & we thought to get you ready for the up & coming party season, we would treat our patients to a seasonal discount on our cosmetic whitening. So instead of £370 for both upper & lower bleaching it will be £275!!! This offer will only last up until...

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Welcome to our new Hygienist – Kay!

We would like to share with you a warm welcome to – Kay Gillam our new private Hygienist! Kay Gillam is a self employed private hygienist and she specialises in Dental Therapy & Hygiene, she currently works Fridays and will soon be adding a few Thursdays. Kay’s appointments run for a full 30 minutes and her private fee is £38.00 Kay...

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Healthy smiles all around after recent CQC inspection

On the 30th July 2013 we had our routine Care Quality Commission inspection, which is to make sure that we are upholding and meeting essential standards within the dental industry. The inspection was very thorough and consisted of a CQC inspector coming into the practice to observe treatments, decontamination procedures & the general running of the practice. Prior to the...

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Brushing – Plaque & why it should be prevented!

As a preventative dental practice our aim is to get patients brushing their teeth thoroughly & regularly (at least twice daily!!) Daily brushing and cleaning of your teeth is important because it removes plaque, if the plaque isn’t removed it continues to build up, which feeds on the food debris left behind, causing tooth decay & gum disease! How can...

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Congratulations Lucy!

Congratultions to Lucy one of our registered dental nurses who has passed her exam in radiography and is now a qualified Dental radiographer. Well Done Lucy from all the Team!

Welcome New Dentist

We would like to wish a warm welcome to Graham Campbell (BDS) to the practice. Graham was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. He studied at the Dublin Dental University Hospital and graduated in 2012. 

Farewell to Vishal

All of us at Lemon Quay Dental Care would like to wish Vish all the best for the future. Vishal started working with us in august 2011 and soon became a well valued dentist by his patients and staff. He was offered an excellent position at a Hospital in the midlands as an SHO. We wish him all the best in his new...

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Congratulations Jade!

  Well done to Jade who has passed her Dental Nurses Exam. All that hard work you put into revising has paid off. Congratulations from all the team!

Rupa’s Farewell

All the staff at Lemon Quay Dental Care would like to wish Rupa good luck as she moves to London. Rupa began training as a dental nurse at the practice and took her National Dental Nurses Exam in March this year. We were all thrilled when all her hard work studying and working in the pratice paid off and she qualified with a...

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The Treatment Centre

Charles Taylor and all the staff at Lemon Quay Dental Care would like to welcome their NEW Principal Dentist and now Practice owner Anna Taylor. As you can tell by the surnames, Lemon Quay Dental Care will still pride itself on being a family run practice.