It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas is a time for celebration and your oral health can easily go out of the window during the festive period!
Below are some tooth friendly Christmas snacks that could be a good alternative to some of the sweet treats available.
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Let’s face it; we all graze on our favourite chocolates and snacks while watching a Christmas film. But snacking too much throughout the day can lead to problems with our teeth; this is because any time we eat or drink acid is produced in the mouth, the acid found in the mouth during eating is there to aid the break down in food however, unnecessary grazing causes our mouth to become more acidic resulting in tooth erosion and decay.

If possible, enjoy your snacks after your main meals and try to not snack every day. Cheese is one of the few festive indulgences that is actually good for your teeth – a good excuse to treat yourself to a nibble (or two… or three) at the end of your evening meal.

Ringing in the New Year Champagne and sparkling wine such as Prosecco are the most popular choices. Due to their acidic nature and high sugar content this can lead to enamel erosion. You can help prevent this by having your drink with a meal and keeping up a good oral hygiene routine, brushing twice a day and flossing.

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