The Treatment Centre

Charles Taylor and all the staff at Lemon Quay Dental Care would like to welcome their NEW Principal Dentist and now Practice owner Anna Taylor.

As you can tell by the surnames, Lemon Quay Dental Care will still pride itself on being a family run practice. Charles has decreased his clinical working hours within the practice, and his daughter Anna, who has been an Associate Dentist in a Falmouth Practice for 5 years, is now the proud owner. They will continue to work closely alongside each other complimenting each other with a wealth of experience and new techniques to ensure high standards of Quality Dental Care.

Charles’s time away from the practice will not all be spent sailing (as much as he would like). He is currently very busy and active working for Peninsula Dental School as a Facilitator and also studying for a CERT ED.

Anna is very excited to own her own practice and is looking forward to this chapter in her career.

We wish her all the best of luck and a very warm welcome!

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