Brushing – Plaque & why it should be prevented!

As a preventative dental practice our aim is to get patients brushing their teeth thoroughly & regularly (at least twice daily!!)

Daily brushing and cleaning of your teeth is important because it removes plaque, if the plaque isn’t removed it continues to build up, which feeds on the food debris left behind, causing tooth decay & gum disease! How can just plaque cause decay you may ask? Well when you eat any type of food containing sugars & starches, the bacteria in plaque produce acids which attack the tooth enamel. The stickiness in the plaque keeps these acids in contact with the teeth, after this happens many times the tooth enamel can break down forming a hole or cavity.

Plaque can also lead to gum disease so fighting it before it turns into tartar (calculus) is very important! As it forms near the gumline, the plaque underneath releases poisons causing the gums to become irritated and inflamed. If gum disease is not treated promptly, the bone supporting the teeth is destroyed and healthy teeth can be lost. Gum disease is the biggest cause of tooth loss in adults and can lead to costly  treatment ie, dentures, bridges or implants.

So by keeping fizzy/sugary drinks & snacks to meal times & brushing thoroughly morning & night you can prevent the plaque building up and prevent yourself from any cavities & tooth loss. In an ideal world brushing your teeth after every meal would be most beneficial but we understand that it can not always be put into practice.

So we urge you to invest in a good toothbrush (electric are best) and brush at least twice daily to maintain good oral health.

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