Healthy smiles all around after recent CQC inspection

On the 30th July 2013 we had our routine Care Quality Commission inspection, which is to make sure that we are upholding and meeting essential standards within the dental industry. The inspection was very thorough and consisted of a CQC inspector coming into the practice to observe treatments, decontamination procedures & the general running of the practice.

Prior to the inspectors visit we were asked to get the permission from a few of our patients so the inspector could ask them in private, about the treatment they had received, and how they felt they were treated at the practice. In our report we had some great feedback the inspector said People made positive comments about staff and indicated they felt safe and well cared for. One person told us, ”I am very happy. I wouldn’t change my dentist”. We saw people were kept informed and consulted about their dental options and treatment plans.  Another patient said ”I couldn’t ask more of a dental practice, they are friendly, professional and caring. In the time I have been a patient here I have been very happy and had no reason for complaint”.

We pride ourselves on our infection control at the practice and this was also something that the inspector picked up on, making it one of their reasons for the overall good judgement in the report. She said, We found the decontamination of instruments was conducted in a designated decontamination area. The decontamination room was well set out in accordance with the principles set down in the Essential Quality Requirements of Department of Health Technical Memorandum (HTM01-05)

Our staff thrive from learning; we hold regular training sessions in emergency first aid, infection control procedures & fire training, this was something the inspector found an asset at the practice and noted down: Staff took responsibility for their own continuing professional development and we observed that all clinical staff had undertaken a wide range of courses to develop their professional skills.

We were very pleased to receive our report explaining what the inspector had observed and noted and encourage you to read the full report which is downloadable via the CQC website:



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