Dry January?

dry january

Alcohol & oral health, why a Dry January could be good for your teeth!

So Dry January has almost come to an end, congratulations to everyone who took part!! Some of our patients and our team have been taking part in the Dry January month. Whatever your reason may be for taking part, refraining from alcohol could aid your general health, your wallet & your oral heath! With only 3 days left of the detox everyone who took part has done such a great job!

The bad bits about alcohol we would prefer to ignore… So drinking to excess can increase mouth cancer risks by four times and if you both smoke and drink to excess, you are 30 times more likely to develop the disease. Alcohol has also been known to erode the outer surface of your teeth, which can cause loss of enamel, if this occurs, you may need to unfortunately have a filling. Sticking to the daily unit guidelines is advisable, and it’s even better if you can give your body some alcohol-free days each week, rather than having a daily habit.

So if you’ve taken part well done you and remember it doesn’t need to be a January to try a months alcohol detox maybe try a Dry-February if you missed the boat this month!

Did you take part in Dry January? Do you feel all the better for it? Let us know!

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