Acid Erosion Research

Here at the Treatment Centre we have been looking into acid erosion.

Dr Geetha Senthilkumaran, one of our Dentists, recently did a study along with Bristol University, part of which was to see if erosion and sensitivity go hand in hand.
What she learnt was that patients seen with sensitivity usually had some sort of wear on their teeth though it might not always be obvious whereas those with wear did not always have sensitivity.
Though tooth wear is not something to be too concerned about, it is something you may want to monitor as research is finding that it’s becoming more common amongst patients, especially in young adults. We wanted to say thank you to those who took part in this study as it’s helped us towards a bigger research study.
Ways to prevent Acid wear on your teeth include cutting down on acidic food and drink frequency, it may be better to have whole fruit where you can instead of fruit smoothies, also not brushing your teeth immediately after having something acidic.
If there is any sensitivity you can use toothpaste catered to sensitivity such as Sensodyne which can help with protecting the tooth enamel


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